Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bag packed and ready to go.

Colin, my fairisled husband is preparing to set forth to the big city. His utility cardboard case is packed and he's off to set a fine dash at Waterstones Gouge St London for a short reading of his latest book 'Vivian and I'.

So me, the boy, Maggie, Dennis and Pudding will be left to fend for ourselves. Not sure how we'll cope but there's plenty of tins of rice pudding in the cupboard and i'm assured that the apple trees in our garden will produce fruit  in August so fingers crossed.
Apart from normal card and fabric orders today i've been idling my time - betwixt sneezing - making covered buttons and listening to school bully George Osborne and his budget. He's definately spoilt 'covered button day', subsequent 'covered button days' with be tainted with his dry tickling voice - i think i might put him in my 'bad book'.

Lovely jane Winton brought me in a painting today. I think this must be the same for the queen when she collects artworks
 'one desires a painting to be presented to me and someone to stand next to it to tell me if it's any good' well something like that but with posher overtones.
Any way one desired a painting and it was good.

I am still waiting for some digital designs to come back so we can make some beautiful things for the Shop opening at the begining of April. It's at the top of Tregenna St in St Ives near the Malakoff. bus station. The Malakoff is insidently where my Bumpa and Nanny met in 1927 when he was a dyer at Crysede's fabrics and my nanny was a sparrow eyed young girl from Virgin St, St Ives.

To celebrate 'Covered Button Day' i am going to show you a selection of covered buttons - there should be a fanfare at this moment.

Crikey this blogging nonsense is exhausting i must dash to catch up with my sneezing. Guzuntite!

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