Friday, 17 January 2014

My mate Wayne

Once again in pursuit of fortune if not fame, we've crossed the Tamar to attend the annual interiors trade show Home-London.  This show will be the last one held at Earls Court. The iconic Art Deco facade will be no more, it will be demolished and the area will be filled with upmarket dwellings further gentrifying the area creating a posh corridor into Fulham. London is always in flux. 

This week we've been rubbing shoulders with Wayne Hemingway, well not exactly rubbing shoulders but I have seen him sitting down and he once walked by us so we're almost family. He looks just like Wayne Hemingway but smaller. I want him to be my friend as a ice breaker should I tell him I had a pair of his shoes once? It's not really an anecdote, more snippet of irrelevant information but it’s all I’ve got. I don't think it will strengthen our bond, but he's definitely going on my Christmas card list.  Most famous people don't look how you would expect. I saw Angus Deyton once, I'd assumed he was a tall man he wasn't, I could have put him in my pocket.

At trade shows you sell ... well to the trade ... independent shops, department stores, international buyers and the growing online market. Most of the items you see in the interior and homes magazines would have debuted at one of these events. We're launching our new colour way into our collection, Cornish Earth a wonderful brown grey - that's the technical description. Whereas retails shows are an assault course full of activity and energy,  trade shows are an endurance test where seasoned buyers apply the steely glint of supine disinterest. Footfall at these events over the recession have been low. Gone are the days when the aisles would be full and your voice would be hoarse from telling the story of you product.   We witness gaggles of terrifying women with high heels and shiny faces, buyers from the big stores. They whirlwind by, an aside or a point might be thrown in your direction and then onward to the next big thing, their hairsprays and unctions reeking havoc with the ozone layer. The smaller shops tread more carefully, assessing every stand for its potential, all too aware of their budget, a wrong decision will cost . And then there are the ones who come to sell you something, you can always tell who they are as they smile at you for no reason - never trust someone smiling at nothing you’ll end up with something you don’t want. 

Let me introduce you to Mrs Moore Vintage Store and her wonderful ceramics. Her New Vintage' is a range of tea sets, dinner ware, textiles and stationery designed by Anna Moore. The designs are unique and distinctive without trying to be too “vintage”. They have launched two designs, 'Metamorphosis' and 'Alice In Wonderland', with new ranges being added each season. She has a great eye, her Metamorphosis designs are curious and amusing unions of human and animal antique prints. Produced in the UK .  I think she will do very well with her delightful products. They can be bought in the south west at Number FiVe, 5 Higher StreetDartmouth, TQ6 9RB

Finally we gather together a posse of friends and head off for dinner. We leave a place free for our friend Wayne, he never turns up. Well he's off my Christmas card list and the anecdote will have to wait.

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